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Bugged RPG Rules [English]

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Rules of Rpg.Bugged.Ro
The rules must be respected by everyone and must be read frequently in case changes appear.
If anyone break the rules they will be punished:
1. Stealing / Scamming
- Any good stolen or even attempting to do so which can be proven will be sanctioned.
- Any actions / activities that you are doing on the server related to money, houses, businesses and personal cars will be monitored.
eg stealing / scamming:
  -stealing of goods using a server bug.
  -in case if you scam a player, the victim will get his good back and you will be banned for between 2 and 14 days.
  -in case the victim gave you a good by mistake, and you run away with it, you will be banned for 2 and 14 days or attempting to scam and the good will be given back to the victim.
  -for low amounts of money, it is posible that no one will be punished if the victim puts in the wrong amount of money because he wasn't focused when he accepted the trade.
  -it is not allowed to ask a player for his car / money to invite him in your clan.
For scamming you get banned for 3-7 days if you do it for the first time and 7-14 days for the second time. In some cases you can get permanent banned even if you do it for the first time.
2. Hacks / Bug abusing
Any software / modification brought to the game which gives you a big advantage it is forbidden.
eg hacks / bug abusing:
  -speedhack for cars, running, etc.
  -auto-clicker, a software that presses buttons so you won't get kicked out by the server. You get banned for 3 days at first deviation, then 10 days and then permanent ban.
  -Cbug. It is not allowed to press C (or any other buttons) to stop the animation of shooting. You get warn at your first deviation, if you do it again you get banned for 2-5 days.
  -AIMBOT. It is strictly not allowed and you can get permanent banned.
  -Joypad. Using a joypad in game will get you a ban for 3 days.
  -Admins are not allowed to use proof that are older than 24 hours with players that are using cheats / bug abusing / aimbot / autoclicker.
  -no-recoil. This is a cheat that your crosshair won't get bigger when you shoot, so your bullets will go where the crosshair is and they are not spreading.
  -any mods to see players's  nickname from a big distance will get you a permanent ban.
  -It is not allowed to crash your game / edit the chat log / delete files used if you are checked for cheats by an admin. You can get a ban for 14 days or even permanent.
Players that are banned for using cheats / hacks can get banned on all the accounts they have.
3.Offensive language
Any offensive language is punished if it is adressed to another player, there are exceptions when the other player lets you do that.
Offensive language in public places (places where are many players) are punished with mute or warn.
Short offensive languages (eg "stfu", "fu", etc) are punished as well.
You can get get a warn or even banned if it the case for that.
-Any offensive languages and insults adressed to a staff member is punished, the decision is taken by the admins.
-Offensive language in public places (/ad, /news, /live, etc) are punished with a ban between 2 days and permanent ban.
-Insults adressed to the server are sanctioned with a ban between 1-7 days, or even a permanent ban.
4. Deathmatch (DM)
This is a RPG server, so the DM for no reason is forbidden and you can get in prison by admins between 25 and 90 minutes and your gun license will be suspended for 5-50 hours.
   -DM at events are sanctioned with kick or warn.
-Kamikaze is not allowed and you can get warn on your first deviation. Kamikaze is killing more than 3 players (explosion, helicopter, etc).
-Drive by is forbidden and is sanctioned by an admin with prison for 25-70 minutes and the gun license suspended for 5 and 15 hours.
5. Abusing of commands
-It is not allowed to quit the game when a police officer asks you to pull over. It is forbidden and is sanctioned with a warn.
-[/report] command is only to report something important related to the server. If you break this rule you can get muted on [/report] or kick. If you keep abusing of [/report] you can get warned or kicked.
-Abusing the [/heal] command when you're wanted by an police officer is sanctioned with warn.
6. Events
-It is forbidden to create an event and not to give the money to the winner, you can get sanctioned with a warn and then ban for 3 days.
-It is not allowed to create events in your own business / your friend's business to get the fee when a player enters the business. It is forbidden and sanctioned with a warn and then a ban for 3 days.
-It is not allowed to create events and ask the players for money to participate. You get warned and then banned for 3 days.
-Events are made only for fun, not to get a profit.
7. Hacking accounts
-It is forbidden to log in with other player's account, if he makes you a complaint you can get punished. If a player doesn't want to play anymore he can use [/sellcar], [/transfer]. Hacking of accounts can get you banned for 3-14 days or even a permanent ban.
-It is forbidden to help afriend to transfer the goods from an account to another. 
-If you receive goods from another player and his accounts is hacked and you sell them / transfer them to another player it is considered that you were involved and you can get banned for 3-14 days or even a permanent ban.
8. Multi-accounting
You are allowed to have more than one account, but in case of scamming / hacking accounts, all your accounts that were involved will get banned.
Creating a new account and swearing gets you a ban for 7 days on your other account.
Creating a new account and have a offensive language adressed to admins can get you a permanent ban on all your accounts.
9. Disturbing other players
Anything that you do to disturb other players may be sanctioned with a warn or even ban for few days.
Examples of thing that can get you sanctioned: blocking a player in Pay'N'Spray, parking of cars in the middle of the street, etc.
Other rules:
-Players who are members of a faction and they break the rules of the server just to be fired will be sanctioned by an admin.
-Innactive player's goods will be taken and sold to other players.
-Selling goods on the server for real money / stuff that is not related to the game / other accounts is strictly forbidden. Whoever tries to sell goods in the game for real money / other accounts will be banned for 7 days and then permanent banned.
-Selling of a hidden colour / premium points / clear KM or any other stuff for money in the game are forbidden. It is considered as a illegal deal and they both will be sactioned.
Loans are made on your own responsability. If you give money to a player, don't espect admins to help you get your money back. Players who is asking for money frequently to scam players will be sanctioned.
Dealing with goods that aren't a part of the game are forbidden because we can't check them. If you are making trades with real money don't espect admins to help you get your money / goods back.
Admins won't get involved if you are betting, you are doing on your own liability. (duels, [/dice], races, etc.)
Threats adressed to admins are sanctioned and you can get permanent banned.
-You are not allowed to park cars in the war place to create a "wall" or even to tell other players to do it. You will get a warn from an admin.
-Going on inaccessible buildings in the war time are sanctioned with a warn.

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