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    Sunt o persoana calma.

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  1. back in business✌️🎉

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  3. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): Simplu. Nickname #1: WeKy Nickname #2 (opţional): ch4d Nickname #3 (opţional): Nu exista. Interval orar preferat: 23:00+. Reporter preferat: Quade!
  4. La multi ani!🥂

  5. Nick-ul tau: WeKy Am dat test cu: Fante Data testului: 23.02.2022. Greseli: x/3: 3/3. Admis/Respins: Respins!
  6. Nick-ul tau: WeKy Am dat test cu: iDonatello Data testului: 22.02.2022. Greseli: x/3: 2,5/3. Admis/Respins: Admis!
  7. Nick-ul tau: WeKy Am dat test cu: Robee Data testului: 17.02.2022. Greseli: x/3: 1,5/3. Admis/Respins: Admis!
  8. Nickname: WeKy Rank: 5. Zile în factiune: 100
  9. Nickname: WeKy Rank: 5 Motivul absentei: Nu pot ajunge la sedinta la ora fixa, sunt plecat din oras si daca prind trafic mie frica ca nu ajung. Data sedintei: 06.01.2022. Alte precizari: Cu stima si respect, WeKy!
  10. Nick-ul tau: WeKy Am dat test cu: ADRlAN Data testului: 29.01.2022. Greseli: x/3: 3/3. Admis/Respins: Respins!
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