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    1. Vlad Cretu

      Vlad Cretu

      Haida pe neph paaaaaaa

  2. Ba, eu unul imi bag .....

  3. salllllllll, kfff?

  4. Se baga ceva de ziua comunitatii, weee?

  5. Ce se intampla daca am warning points? Cate sunt maxim si ce se intampla?

  6. 10 warning points, unde pot vedea unde am luat 10 warning points?

  7. Wa,m m-am gandit sa fac event tip sms, pnm, nu stau sa filmez. 5kk premiu, maine pe la 14:50-16:00. PA

  8. Oficiez un event cu bani multi, fara nrrrrrrrrrrr weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. sallllllllll, kfffffffffff?

  10. Salot, oll! CFFFF?

  11. Ritm sau Pall Mall?:)))))

    1. Outsider


      pall mall negru the best

    2. GabyShu
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