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  1. Nickname: MORFIN Rank: 4 Zile in factiune: 41 Data în care lipsesc: 15/08/2019 De ce lipsesc: Nu sunt acasa. Alte precizări: Bafta la war!
  2. Nickname: MORFIN Rank: 4 Zile in factiune: 36 Data în care lipsesc: 12.08.2019 De ce lipsesc: Avem fete. (arab) nu pot joc. Alte precizări: Mulțumezc.
  3. Nickname:Hizuka Rank:1 Data & ora bestului:pe puzaDovada bestului: https://imgur.com/a/nJrEI1p
  4. Nickname:Hizuka Rank:1 Data & ora bestului:pe pozaDovada bestului:https://imgur.com/a/VFiyAe8
  5. Pro , the only one who 'Merit" to be leader and more.
  6. You have folse idea about arabe you always say that he play with cheat but i didnt see that man banned he have 0 ban , and just let see who has creat cheat ? , romanian players not arabs player stop this rassicm and who say cheat we need a proofs , we must give chance for every one. and just let see who living in moroco in north of africa how he can buy cheats ?? is not possible. stop this bad think about arabs and stop racsim pls We cant support you more then that.
  7. Nickname: MORFIN Rank:1 Data & ora bestului:Pe poza De cat este bestul:Pe poza Dovada bestului:https://imgur.com/a/rV5IE0z
  8. Pro , Merita lider the rifa are x2 r6 (r6 pe rifa) are fh forta bn , 0 cont banat (the other account is for his brother and there is diffrent ) + he applied many time and i think is the time for him , we must give chance for every player making efort to get leader he have boombbaa Fh , and not all arabs are bad every one h ave his caracter and everyone is different.
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