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  1. ☆ Nick: FUNKEYYEGY☆ Number of days in faction: 111☆ What have you contributed so far to the faction ?: With the help of my colleagues and my work. ☆ How long are you going to be in the faction? TOO much☆ Other specifications: Thank you.
  2. Sunteți deja într-un clan. You are in a clan already.
  3. The profile link is not available+the clan is 100/100
  4. ☆ Nick: FUNKEYYEGY☆ Number of days in faction: 100 ☆ What have you contributed so far to the faction ?: My colleagues☆ How long are you going to be in the faction ?: About 2 years.☆ Other specifications: Thank you.
  5. Nick:FUNKEYY Level:40 Alte precizări:. Tip de interviu (simplu, dublu, triplu):simplu Intervalul de timp în care sunteţi online:toata noaptea
  6. Nickname:FUNKEYY. Rank:3 Motivul absenţei:Nu voi fi acasă Data sedintei :22/7/2018 /duminică /14:00 Pe ce data ai avut ultima invoire facuta?::Nu am avut. Esti constient ca daca ai mai avut alte 2 invoiri in ultima luna aceasta nu va fi acceptata?:Da Alte precizari:Îmi pare rău pentru absența
  7. Problem Zer0Ping in Host,u can try Vpn to change ur ip from the middle east region..
  8. Update for the accessories To make it more flexible,Putting the acc like any furniture like /hourupgradr by the X axis and Y axis..
  9. RO:Bine ați venit în profilul FUNKKEY

  10. Ladies and gentlmen FUNKEYY Welcome U in his Profile.

  11. Welcome In My profile...

  12. Suggestion: to add a laser like neon under the car if u contact me i will send u pic in discord it will be awesome add like hidden and vip How do you think it would help the server:The players will add more expensive things to their cars..
  13. i think we should mod on car jacker job and make it in the ship in SF and transport the cars to outiside And beside the ship plate with Some car name that wanna to be jack and we could use /export after having a car that the exportuinty wanna it and back it too ship then u gonna money and skill and job name can be Car exportation
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