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  1. Nickname: NitroN Rank: 5 Motiv: Contract efectuat sub limita. Dovezi: https://imgur.com/a/I6pvR0P
  2. ☆ Nick: NitroN☆ Numarul de zile in factiune: 100.☆ Cu ce ai contribuit pana acum in factiune?: Prin activitatea mea.☆ Cat mai ai de gand sa stai in factiune?: Cat timp pot.☆ Alte precizari: Multumesc.
  3. La multi ani, Bugged!

    @Tibi @Shad0w revin getgift? 😇

    1. Eben1998


      Pai cam atat stie :))) ddeci da 

  4. Nickname: NitroN Rank: 5 Motiv: Contract sub limita. Dovezi: https://imgur.com/a/dNAuV6v
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