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  1. Nickname: [email protected]  Rank: 5 Data in care vrei sa fii invoit de la war: 18.10.2020 Ai mai facut vreo cerere de invoire in luna respectiva, daca da, cate?: 1 Motivul învoirii: Sunt plecat Vrei sa te invoiesti de la war/sedinta: War. Alte precizări: Bafta
  2. Nickname: [email protected]  Rank: 5. Data & ora bestului: Data: 14.10.2020 & ora: 22:16 Dovada bestului: https://imgur.com/a/KojxDjm Alte precizari: Mersi!
  3. Nickname: [email protected]  Rank: 5. Data & ora bestului: Data: 14.10.2020 & ora: 20:46 Dovada bestului: https://imgur.com/qAe9Fxg Alte precizari: Ms!
  4. Nick pe server: KePYaS  Level: 90 Preţ: Oferte. Poze: interior - https://imgur.com/a/FCfzrBU / exterior - https://imgur.com/a/a4NevpE Alte detalii: -
  5. Nickname: KEPYAS Rank: 5 Zile în factiune pentru care doresti prima: 100
  6. Nvidia
    RTX 4080 January 2021 64 GB 


  7. The Lord has answered my Prayers 👐


  8. Mady #1 🤣

    No description available.

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    2. anuelaa


      u should get verified meme-r on forum @Shad0w

    3. Sacha


      madalin xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    4. anuelaa
  9. What a beautiful camel ❤️ 🤣


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    2. .Wolverine


      Noob xDD

    3. KePYaS[iK]
    4. HaZoN


      @calin blindatu dai ce cuaie ai raze x sa-i vezi intestinele  ? 

  10. Nickname: KEPYAS Link profil panel: https://bluepanel.bugged.ro/profile/KEPYAS Aprobat!
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