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  1. Shad0w, Please Add methode buy premium points with paypal or card, thnx.
  2. Vand 6 Mr Whoopee Toate 2x | Si 2 Mr Whoopee 0x | Si Mr Whoopee 2.1k zile 1.6k km.

  3. /ad Vand 6 Mr Whoopee Toate 2x | Si 2 Mr Whoopee 0x | Si Mr Whoopee 2.1k zile 1.6k km.

  4. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): simpluNickname #1: SmuLeYNickname #2 (opţional): Nickname #3 (opţional): Reporter preferat: Elias.Interval orar preferat: 20:00Alte precizări: multumesc
  5. Nume: SmuLeY. Rank: 1. Dovada [/transfer]: https://imgur.com/a/xg6FSBi. Sugestie eveniment: Event Box primul va lua acest pret.
  6. Acest videoclip pentru instructorii școlii au trecut toate testele. https://youtu.be/OgtebMRKxJ0
  7. This Video For School Instructors To Passed All Test.


  8. Nick-ul tău: SmuLeY Nick-ul celui care ți-a cerut testul: Class Dovezi cu testul (ss / video): https://youtu.be/XteePlQC3mk Tipul licenței: Gun. Alte precizări:
  9. https://imgur.com/a/UoCUzQe
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