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  1. Dupa parerea mea, merita indiferent de cati codati sunt. Cel mai frumos este cand gasesti o mafie pe placul tau cu membri cu care te poti intelege si cu care poti face caterinca la war. Eu cred ca te poti distra si cu 0 turfs, si cu codati, etc. dar este alegerea ta. Bafta!
  2. Fa o cerere de unban aici daca chiar ai fost banat degeaba (desi sunt sanse mici): https://bluepanel.bugged.ro/unban
  3. I was just curious because the general attraction to SAMP in countries other than Romania and Russia is close to zero, back in the day there were a handful of people playing on here though. How many are still left?
  4. GTA San Andreas e practic gratis, nu vine nimeni peste tine in casa pentru un joc din 2003 uitat de Rockstar.
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