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  1. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): simpluNickname #1: NorthsideNickname #2 (opţional): -Nickname #3 (opţional): -Interval orar preferat: 13:00Reporter preferat: MihaiMod
  2. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): TripluNickname #1: NorthsideNickname #2 RamiksNickname #3 SmokeXxInterval orar preferat: 16:00Reporter preferat: q.ionut
  3. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): DubluNickname #1: NorthsideNickname #2 RamiksNickname #3 (opţional):Interval orar preferat: 16:00Reporter preferat: q.ionut
  4. Paste fericit! 

    1. Alessia


      Paște fericit!❤️

  5. La multi ani @Tibi ❤🍻

  6. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): Simplu.Nickname #1: NorthsideNickname #2 (opţional): -Nickname #3 (opţional): -Interval orar preferat: 13:00Reporter preferat: Sunet_ist
  7. Dovada /no: https://streamable.com/s7kms6 Dovada contra sens: https://streamable.com/lbk0yz
  8. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): simpluNickname #1: NorthsideNickname #2 -Nickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: 15:00Reporter preferat: Ramiks
  9. Daca se baga voice chat imi cumpar cont premium. @Tibi @Shad0w

  10. Your rank was modified from 4 to 5 (auto). @Manuu best leader ❤ Forţăăă SFPD!!

    1. irinel77.baby


      best leader pana ce-ti da fw sau nu-ti da tester 


  11. VOICE CHAT frt

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