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  1. Nickname reporter: CrisNPBNickname intervievat #1: DimanuNickname intervievat #2: Nickname intervievat #3: Data: 09/07/2020Ora: 19:05
  2. Nickname reporter: CrisNPBNickname intervievat #1: BonghiNickname intervievat #2: Nickname intervievat #3: Data: 08/07/2020Ora: 20:05
  3. Nickname reporter: CrisNPBNickname intervievat #1: TL.DumikNickname intervievat #2: Nickname intervievat #3: Data: 08/07/2020Ora: 16:05
  4. exista persoane care stiu sa numere pana la 100 si persoane care joaca pe Purple

  5. Nickname: aztecaOGLink profil panel: https://bluepanel.bugged.ro/profile/aztecaOG Aprobat!
  6. Un preot a promis unui copil ca-i cumpara o bicicleta, dar i-a dat mure
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