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  1. Nickname tester: EllisoN Nickname candidat: Twig Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 20.01.2022. Admis / Respins: Admis
  2. Nickname tester: EllisoN Nickname candidat: M_Bullet Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 18.01.2022. Admis / Respins: Admis
  3. Nickname tester: EllisoN Nickname candidat: Silvan Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 18.01.2022. Admis / Respins: Respins
  4. Nickname tester: EllisoN Nickname candidat: Ionut_Clar Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 16.01.2022. Admis / Respins: Admis
  5. Pe când era blue 1000/1000: https://postimg.cc/gallery/W34LkGG

    @KARiM. frumos anunt. 😍

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    2. CATA20.


      Pe vremea aia erau 4000/4000 :))

    3. EllisoN


      @CATA20. Adevarat si asta.


    4. Down.medic


      wow wow be careful

  6. Nickname tester: Reyko Nickname candidat: Macht Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 12.01.2022 Admis / Respins: Admis.
  7. Model de postare: Nickname tester: Reyko Nickname candidat: Zombine Data (zz.ll.aaaa): 10.01.2022. Admis / Respins: Admis
  8. te ai pensionat de tot nab

  9. Reporter: Reyko Am dat live cu: SinKode Data: 07.01.2022. Dovada participanti: https://imgur.com/a/SXxSDxM
  10. Nickname reporter: Reyko Nickname intervievat #1: SINKODE Nickname intervievat #2: Nickname intervievat #3: Data: 07.01.2022. Ora: 12:05.
  11. Reporter: Reyko Emisiune: Am/N-am Am dat live cu: Adina si Stefi. Data: 04.01.2022. Dovada participanti: https://postimg.cc/NyYRwPNy/74877579
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