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  1. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: MadaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): Theiaa Nickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: oricand in seara astaReporter preferat: oricine are nevoie de raport.
  2. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu):dublu Nickname #1:madaaliin Nickname #2 (opţional):axel Nickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat:23 Reporter preferat:@stock.baby
  3. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: madaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): zehirNickname #3 (opţional):Interval orar preferat: -Reporter preferat: stock
  4. Nickname: Madaaliin Rank: 5 Numar-ul de zile in factiune: 42 Ești sigur că nu ai primit niciun Faction Warn (FW) timp de 42 de zile?: foarte sigur Alte precizări: te pup sefu
  5. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu):dubluNickname #1: madaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): axelNickname #3 (opţional):Interval orar preferat: 22Reporter preferat: fratele @stock.baby
  6. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: MadaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): .AxELNickname #3 (opţional):Interval orar preferat: 21Reporter preferat: Ancuta
  7. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluModel interviu (standard/sarbatori): standard Nickname #1:madaaliin Nickname #2 (opţional): Adina Nickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: 22:00-23:00. Reporter preferat: stock
  8. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: MadaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): TheiaaNickname #3 (opţional): -Interval orar preferat: 21Reporter preferat: [email protected]
  9. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: MadaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): TheiaaNickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: - 22:00 ca atunci e liberReporter preferat: nu am
  10. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dublu Nickname #1: MadaaliinNickname #2 (opţional): Shaggy666Nickname #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: 21:00Reporter preferat: Wigan
  11. Tip interviu (simplu/dublu/triplu): dubluNickname #1: MadaaalinNickname #2 (opţional): [email protected] #3 (opţional): Interval orar preferat: 23Reporter preferat: Buffcovfefe
  12. Nickname reporter: madaalin.depresivuNickname intervievat #1: ioanNickname intervievat #2: kenshiroNickname intervievat #3: Data: 09/09/2020Ora: 17:05
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