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[Sugestie] Masina


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Da , asa este ,mai sunt cateva masini bune care nu sunt pe server si ar fi mai frumos sa nu vedem doar infernus si bullet pe server .Daca imi scapa cumva o masina care credeti ca e buna si ar merita sa fie pe server completati lista . 



Vehicle Model ID: 474
Vehicle Name: Hermes
Category: Saloons
Modifications: Transfender




Vehicle Model ID: 482
Vehicle Name: Burrito
Category: Industrial
Modifications: None



Vehicle Model ID: 492
Vehicle Name: Greenwood
Category: Saloons
Modifications: Transfender



Vehicle Model ID: 540
Vehicle Name: Vincent
Category: Saloons
Modifications: Transfender



Vehicle Model ID: 561
Vehicle Name: Stratum
Category: Station Wagons
Modifications: Wheel Arch Angels



Vehicle Model ID: 566
Vehicle Name: Tahoma
Category: Lowriders
Modifications: Loco Low Co



Vehicle Model ID: 496
Vehicle Name: Blista Compact
Category: Sport Vehicles
Modifications: Transfender




Vehicle Model ID: 517
Vehicle Name: Majestic
Category: Saloons
Modifications: Transfender


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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