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[Tutorial + FAQ] Desynchronisation (Desync) - En. & Ro. by AK.CrIsTyNeL


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Cred ca mereu va-ti pus  mereu intrebarea ce inseamna "desync"AM VENIT CU SOLUTIA!




Hi, my name is AK.CrIsTyNeL

As I am sure you all know that admins kick players for reason "desync". For the new people out there, and even for the old, you might not know what desync is, how to detect it and how to resolve it.

What is desync?: The dictionary definition is: the relation that exists when things occur at unrelated times. However, on Bugged we usually tend is as a desynchronized character who is doing something which others can't see, or others are seeing things he is not doing. Where the character is not fully connected to the game.

When can this occur?: This can occur at any time, but usually it occurs when lag spikes happen (lag is when the server chat takes a long time to show the things you type).

How can I detect it?: You can detect it in many ways. The first way is if you try to enter or exit from an interior, it will not work, you will just stay at your position and nothing would happen. A second method of detecting it is that if you are driving a car, to the middle right of the screen underneath your money count, there is a Speed meter. If the speed meter has stopped changing speeds when you change speeds, that means that you are desynced. A third way of finding out is if you try to enter a car and start the engine, the car will not move, this also works the other way around, you try to stop the car engine but you can still drive the car normally.

How can I fix the problem upon the spot?: You can fix the problem by simply doing a relog. If it is continuous, try restarting your PC or leaving SA:MP for 10 - 20 minutes to calm your internet / CPU usage down.

Is there any way I can prevent this from happening in the first place?: Unfortunately, no, it's just inevitable, you can get it any time of the day. Unfortunately for me I got it whilst I was doing the Taxi driving test, it was extremely awkward.

If you have any further questions about the server, please don't hesitate to contact me, contact an admin..!









Salut. Numele meu este AK.CrIsTyNeL


". Pentru cei noi, chiar si cei vechi, s-ar putea sa nu stie ce e desyncul, cum sa isi dea seama daca au si cum sa rezolve.
Ce este
"desyncul"? In dictionar zice ca este o relatie dintre 2 lucrui insa in timpul actiunii difera, cu toate acestea pe Bugged noi sustinem ca este o desincronizare a caracterului care face ceva, nevazut de altii, sau vad lucruri care defapt nu au loc.
Cum si cand are loc? Poate avea loc oricand insa de obicei are loc cand lagul depaseste o limita normala, sa zicem, asa zisul delay de pe chat.
Cum putem sa detectam? Foarte multe moduri prin care intram si iesim dintr-un interior (vei stai pe loc, nu va avea loc nici o actiune). O a doua metoda ar fi atunci cand conduci o masina, daca speedometrul nu isi schimba viteza desi tu accelerezi, franezi, stai pe loc, inseamna ca tu ai
desync. O a treia cale este sa te urci in masina si sa incerci sa dai "/engine", daca masina nu se va misca inseamna ca ai desync. Acest lucru e reciproc, daca dai engine sa opresti masina si poti merge in continuare => desync.
Cum putem sa rezolvam? Simplu, dam relog.Daca tot ai
desync incearca sa dai restart la pc sau inchizi jocul circa 10-20 minute pentru ca conexiunea ta de internet sau cea de la calculator sa revina la normal.
Daca aveti alte probleme legate de server, nu ezitati sa ma contactati pe mine, sau un admin





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