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[Tc.] - The Crown Family - Regulament!


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(!) ~ Acest topic contine toate detaliile despre comportamentul vostru si ce trebuie sa faceti in clanul [Tc.] The Crown Family ~ (!)


                                                       ~Odata ce ati intrat in acest clan, faceti parte din familia [Tc.]~

Versiune in engleză [EN]:


(!) ~ This topic contains all the details of your behavior and what to do in the [Tc.] Clan The Crown Family ~ (!)


                                                       ~ Once you have entered this clan, you are part of the [Tc.] ~ Family


     All members must observe the decisions taken by the co-leader / leader and respect the other members. If there is respect among the members, everything goes right and there will never be quarrels / injuries and others.



 (!) A member must comply with the following conditions:

1. Do not comment badly.

2. Do not spam.

3. Do not harm members.

4. Respect colleagues and colliders / leader.

5. Do not ask for the decisions taken by the co-leader / leader.

6. Any problem has or has something that does not please, you only have to do screenshots and wait for a collector to make the right decision.

7. Be active and involved.

8. To clan the clan (Tc.) In all conditions.



 Those who do not respect the conditions will be sanctioned by mistake with:

- Caps lock on / c (Av or Cw depends on the case)

- Cw - clan warn.

- Two verbal advertisements (Cw - clan warn).

- Serious Threats (Cw - clan warn).

- / call 112 clan clan (Cw - clan warn)

- Spam on / c at least 3 times (CW - clan warn).

- Clan warnings (CW).

- Inappropriate language (CW - clan warn or uninvite, depending on the case).

- DM / DB on clan members (CW - clan warn or uninvite, case breakdown).

- Do not use the "[Tc.]" Tag (CW - clan warn + uninvite if you do not wear it).

- Advertise your clan colleagues on the panel (Uninvite)

- Cheats made to clan colleagues (Uninvite).


 ~ Once a member gives [/ quitclan], they decrease their chances of rejoining the clan.


 ~ Once a member swears / makes uninterrupted spam, it will be removed from the clan.



(!) A collider must also fulfill the following conditions:

1. Do not have a clan favorite.

2. Do not give a rank-up if he does not have the necessary days.

3. Not to sanction a member for no reason.

4. When sanctioning a member, he / she must sanction correctly, depending on the severity of the problem.

5. Be active and involved.

6. Do not make a decision until he advises with the other colliders.

             ~ Violation of these rules leads to rank down ~.



Versiune in română, mai jos!:


     Toti membrii trebuie sa respecte deciziile luate de colider/lider si sa respecte ceilalti membrii. Daca exista respect intre membrii, toate decurg cum trebuie si nu va exista niciodata cearta/injurii si altele.



 (!)  Un membru trebuie sa respecte urmatoarele conditii:

1. Sa nu comenteze aiurea.

2. Sa nu faca spam.

3. Sa nu injure membrii.

4. Sa respecte colegii cat si coliderii/liderul.

5. Sa nu ceara socoteala la deciziile luate de colider/lider.

6. Orice problema are sau are ceva ce nu il multumeste, trebuie sa faca doar screenshots si sa astepte sa intre un colider si sa ia decizia corecta.

7. Sa fie activ si implicat.

8. Sa poarte tagul clanului (Tc.), in orice conditii.



 Cine nu respecta conditiile, va fi sanctionat in functie de greseala cu :

  1. - Caps lock pe /c ( Av sau Cw depinde de caz )
  2. - Cerere bacsis pe /c ( Cw - clan warn ).
  3. - Doua advertismente verbale ( Cw - clan warn ).
  4. - Amenintari grave ( Cw - clan warn ).
  5. - /call 112 colegilor de clan ( Cw - clan warn )
  6. - Spam pe /c de minim 3 ori ( CW - clan warn ).
  7. - Certurile intre membri ( CW - clan warn ).
  8. - Limbajul neadegvat ( CW - clan warn sau uninvite, depinde de caz ).
  9. - DM/DB pe memberi din clan ( CW - clan warn sau uninvite, debinde de caz ).
  10. - Nepurtarea tag-ului " [Tc.] " ( CW - clan warn + uninvite daca contiunui sa nu il porti ).
  11. - Reclamati facute colegilor de clan pe panel ( Uninvite ) 
  12. - Inselatori facute colegilor de clan ( Uninvite ).


 ~Odata ce membru da [/quitclan], ii scad sansele de a mai reintra in clan.


 ~Odata ce un membru injura/face spam neincetat, acesta va fi scos din clan.



(!)   Un colider trebuie sa indeplineasca la randul sau urmatoarele conditii:

1. Sa nu aibe un preferat in clan.

2. Sa nu dea rank-up daca nu are zile necesare.

3. Sa nu sanctioneze un membru fara motiv.

4. Cand sanctioneaza un membru, trebuie sa sanctioneze corect, in functie de gravitatea problemei.

5. Sa fie activ si implicat.

6. Sa nu ia o decizie pana nu se sfatuieste si cu ceilalti colideri.

             ~Incalcarea acestor reguli duce la rank down~.

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