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Saim Marius

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- We offer you qualitatively fast dedicated long term MU Online server without bugs or lags.

- Server is almost 99.9% bug-free that means you can freely explore everything without being disconnected.

- Server has great defense also secured with anti-cheat that means no more hackers and cheaters play fair and enjoy your pvp matches.

- Server does not turn off never! We are fully at work 24/7.

- Demonic MU will always have your back if you got problems or questions feel free to PM or talk to us about it we are always available and ready to help.

- Demonic MU is what you are looking for join today be a part of the family. 



- Version: Season III Custom

- Experience: 350x

- Item drop: 65%

- BlessBug : Off

- Points per level: 5/6

- Maximum Points: 32767

- Reset cost: 20.000.000 zen

- Max level: 400

- PK Clear cost: 250.000 Zen

- Post(/post) cost: 500.000 Zen

- Level for reset: 400

- Level for create Guild : 250

- Elf Buffer Max level: 300

- Grand Reset: 60 resets ( = 3500 credits )

- Ancient + Excellent F.O. - OK

- WebShop - OK

- Camera 3D - OK

- AutoClicker in Client - OK




- Jewel Of Soul success: 80%

- Jewel Of Soul success + Luck: 80%

- Jewel Of Life success: 80%

- Item +10 success: 90%

- Item +11 success: 90%

- Item +12 success: 85%

- Item +13 success: 85%




- Castle Siege 

- Blood Castle 

- Golden Invasion 

- Devil Square 

- Chaos Castle 

- Blue Event 

- CryWolf Defense 

- Sky Event 

- Illusion Temple 

- Happy Hours Event

- GameMaster System Event




- Are used to buy anything you desire from our WebShop

- Donations to keep server up

- Grand Reset Reward

- Vote Reward

- Quests

- Daily Bonuses

- Exchange Hours for Credits




/post -> Global message

/str -> Add Points to Strength

/agi -> Add Points to Agility

/ene -> Add Points to Energy

/com -> Add Points to Command

/vit -> Add Points to Vitality

/marry [name] -> for marry with another charcater

/pkclear -> Clear murderer status

/reset - Reset your character from game. 400 level required.

/request off -> Deny all requests from players.

/request on -> Allow all requests from players.






If you have any questions or problems‚ please contact our team on the forum or mail to [email protected]

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