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We Need English Version of PD rules.

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I just wanna talk about the fact that every faction in the server has its own rules in Romanian as well as in English, except for the police department factions.

as a foreigner that doesn't speak Romanian very well, i find it nearly impossible to join any one of the police departments due to the fact that the rules do not have an English version.

I'm currently a member of the LVPD, i had to use google translate to learn the rules that are on the forum, but the thing is.. i almost failed the test because google doesn't always provide an accurate translation of the words and sentences. 

So i was  hoping that you guys would work on an English version of the PD rules so that foreigners like me wouldn't have to go through what i have experienced.

Thanks in advance.


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I've already translated them, hopefully they'll be edited soon on the rules page. If not, then I'll make a topic on English forum, with translated rules. 👌

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