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IP-ul serverului a fost modificat. Adaugati blue.bugged.ro in clientul SA:MP.

Why Bugged.ro is your choice?


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Well, you know. There are many Sa:Mp server. But Bugged is special. Why?

Because, here you can find:

    - phone & phone credit (like real life)

    - it is NON-LAG server

    - helpful staff. (with the best administrator and helper)

    - you could have: money, a house and a car.

    - jobs

    - and many other things...


For starter:

   - you must go to promote driving license... [ok, but where? - for this, you just write "/where" in chat, and select DMV]

    - ok... now, you have driving licenses... that is ok! But, how i can earn money? Well... you must write "/jobs". And then go to checkpoint.

   - Now I am at checkpoint, but how i can get job? Just write: /getjob.

   - Ok... but my job is boring... how i can change? Well, write: /quitjob and select other job.

    - I have a question! But I  can not find the answer! Yeah? ok... write: /n {your question], and our helper/admins will answer.

   - How I can get a phone? For this, you must go in 24/7 and write: /buy. Select: phone, credit for phone.

   - Wait, wait, wait... here is a noob, you make DM (DeathMuch), how i can raport him? For this, you must have a Bugged Forum Account, and select User Panel to make raport. Or, just write: /raport and select.

   - Ok... it is realy good server.


[Actualizare versiune for intermediare]


(pentru greseli de redactare, va rog sa ma contactati prin PM!)


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