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I want to be a policeman


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Dear Bugged Team,


I'm a good player on your server. I want to be a policeman, but i don't know how??

Can you help me??


With respect,

Your player Andy300

You have to apply on forum, 


For NG   http://bugged.ro/topic/317-national-guard-aplicatii/

For LSPD http://bugged.ro/topic/34-los-santos-police-department-aplicatii/

For FBI http://bugged.ro/topic/97-fbi-aplica%C8%9Bii/

For LVPD http://bugged.ro/topic/40710-las-venturas-police-department-aplica%C5%A3ii/


You have to complate the task and wait for an answer from leader of the faction,


Good luck!

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@ hey , to be a policeman you need to have:

-level 10

-experience on buGGed's comunity

-the rules of the police's factions (NG , LSPD , LVPD , F.B.I)

-a application here , you have to respect a model for the application.(if you can't translate from romanian to english use google)

-to know a little bit of romanian(if you aren't from Romania)

-to repost to a complaiment here (if you will respect the rules you won't have one)

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