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New Weapons (Lime)


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Am gasit niste arme verzui asa misto si am zis sa le pun si aici:

Silenced 9mm: http://i.minus.com/i9YXEELjkxgFN.PNG

9mm: ibthqzZTAZhMPp.PNG

Ak47: ibkjdjnZXPmN98.PNG

M4 : iJ8dRJLnp1oxX.PNG

Micro SMG: i55lQFD40vG99.PNG

Rifle: iyd2BPPsqMPDa.PNG




Sniper Rifle: ib0bDp7x0unicA.PNG

Link Download: http://ge.tt/2cOYnrb1/v/0?c


Unii poate aveti acest mod de arme asa ca nu vreau sa va aud ca au mai fost postate etc

! nu sunt create de mine 

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Cu spark

Download dezi Spark

il deschizi dai open, dai in folderul unde ai instalat gta san andreas dai in mnodels si alegi gta3.img

Apoi dai import si alegi toate armele din arhiva de am puso eu si dupa dai save

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