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I Want To Join In Taxi LS ? How to Join ?


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For BLUE server

You need to make an application here: http://forum.bugged.ro/topic/43907-los-santos-taxi-cab-company-aplica%C5%A3ii-applications-off/


For RED server

You need to make an application here: http://forum.bugged.ro/topic/68583-taxi-ls-aplica%C5%A3ii-applications-deschise/


Application in English language for RED server is not ready yet... So you can use this:


Real age (How old are you?):
Last nicknames (You had another nickname before?):
Past factions (The factions you joined in the past.):
How much time do you spend in-game?:
Screenshot with [/stats] command (Press F8 after typing [/stats] in-game, after that upload the screenshot on http://imgur.com):
Why do you want to join Taxi Los Santos?:
Do you know the rules of our faction?:
Screenshot with[/mywarns] command (Just like the screenshot with[/stats] comand):
Describe yourself (20 words):
Are you on any blacklist?:
Do you know the most important locations on the server? (Also, our members will help you to learn the Romanian language.):
Are you ready to be teached? Will you listen what your leader says?:
Details (Do you want to add something?):



I hope i was usefull... Have a nice day!

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