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[Sugestii ] Street war ( Some Real )


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<<< Descriere sugestie:>> As I said in the title . Is a collection of Mafia . Have no laws in the other attack on the Mafia . all Server , look faction has Rules Time for attack ( Not Real :( ) or post For DM


1. all mafia have their own zones. all mafia can add zones when you attack and winning

2. Can attack at any time he wants leader

3. When you see a member of the mafia mafia other is free to attack him

4. Can't attack in public zones and Event ect .

5.Do not get any member wanted when mafia kills

6. Any member of the police has the right to give the wanted 4 if a witness to what is happening., like as: Mafia attacking Mafia etc. 7.

<< Cum crezi ca ar ajuta sugestia ta serverul: >> We are in RP Server . The coffin reality :s


White zones = safe zone

boxes = Mafia zone



This helps to eliminate the blank zones in server :cool:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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